Recent code – FastImage resize, Scrooge and Read From Slave

A roundup of some of my projects that may be of interest:1. FastImage ResizeThis builds on my work on FastImage to provide an image resize facility.  The resize code calls libgd to do the work of resampling and resizing the image – this is a library that is very likely to be already installed on your system if it is some flavour of unix / linux or even OSX.  And if not, it is very easy to install.  This is a light and simple option if you don’t wish to install heavier libraries such as RMagick (which relies on ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick) or ImageScience (which relies on FreeImage).2. ScroogeThis is a plugin and gem to optimise queries to the database based on a learning algorithm that looks at how the results of each query are used.  I worked on this with Lourens Naudé earlier this year, and I will shortly make a minor release with a few further optimisations and tests.  Try this if your database is slowing you down, but also see slim-attributes if you are using MySQL.3. Read From SlaveA gem to force your database reads to a slave database while your writes go to the master.  It’s fast and simple, it works a treat, and we have it in production use.


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