Rails on Ruby 1.8.7

Although Ruby 1.8.7 is not officially recommended yet for Ruby on Rails, it does in fact work fine with Rails 2.1.  And version p22 contains all the latest security fixes.For what it’s worth, I can confirm that not only are our apps working well under 1.8.7 (including ferret and over 30,000 lines of app code), but they are consuming / leaking considerably less memory.  (They still do leak, but the rate is much reduced.)So upgrade now.Beware of one issue – we had to clean up our ERB code to not contain comments that are not specifically marked inside their own tags like <%# comment %> because of different handling in 1.8.7.


5 thoughts on “Rails on Ruby 1.8.7

  1. For me if I just ran valgrind and 1.8.6 it spit out a few errors during parsing, but I just ignored those and then look for ‘lost memory’ reports at the end or scanned through for errors that looked related to my own code. I never even used evan’s patch. I guess that might help clean things up 🙂

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